Universal Studios has a tradition of acknowledging its design- and construction-team members by inserting their names into the signs and props within the park, usually including an appropriate reference to that person.


Dave Burkhart, Project Director
Dave oversaw the project from concept through construction, delivering a beautiful park on time and on budget, a feat effectively unmatched in the theme-park world. He also enjoys a passionate hobby in restoring collectible cars.


Norman Newberry, Executive Art Director
Norm steered the aesthetics of the park through all stages and, with a team of only four senior art directors and five assistant art directors, delivered amazingly realistic environments in the park. He was a never-tiring coach of many architectural firms who found the theme-park world foreign.

ノームは、たった4人のシニア・アート・ディレクターと、5人のアシスタント・アート・ディレクターからなるチームを率い、 本格的な雰囲気を醸し出すパークの完成に美的サイドから見事に貢献した。彼は、テーマパーク建設にこれまで携わったことのない数々の建築事務所に対し根気よく業界ならではの説明を続けた名コーチである。

Cathy Pechstedt, Assistant Facility Art Director
Cathy, although holding a position of “assistant” art director, was always in charge and on top of things, particularly on Western Street. Her name appears as the proprietress of the town’s saloon, the position of knowledge and authority.


Douglas Gordon, Senior Facility Art Director
My window appears on Hollywood Boulevard, where part of my job was to help develop and oversee the talents of the local contractors.