Residence in Redondo Beach

Renovation on the Beach
Redondo Beach, California

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A renovation of a 1250-square-foot, single-story condominium in a three-story, wood- and steel-frame, stucco-clad, composition-roof building.

The owners desired a home that provides a pair of mutually exclusive features: 1) a virtually uninterrupted space but many enveloping spaces, and 2) openness but privacy. Interconnected but discreet spaces are created by three “pavilions”, identified by white walls and ceilings, with downlights washing across light floors, while all the interconnected in-between spaces are distinguished by dark walls and floors, with uplights washing across wood ceilings. Concurrent openness and privacy are provided by commercial store-front doors, modified to slide, into which are inserted laminated, nearly sound-proof glass panels—some clear, and some obscure.